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The products of GIG CFI are inspired by the needs of GIG members and the availability of technology to faciltate their roll-out. 


The GIG journey is a 4 step process, with different products created to address the needs of each process.


Most members start off at the 'struggle' phase - characterized by personal budget shortfalls, overindebtedness and anxiety about the future.


As these needs are addressed, a member moves into the 'stability' phase. Budget surplusses are worked towards and a healthy credit situation is pursued.


The third phase is the 'success' phase. Here members are encouraged to develop mutiple income streams.


The last phase is the 'signifigance' phase. In this phase, the focus is no longer inward, but outward and community focussed.

Interest Free Loans



Our signature product is the Loanlink Share. It is an interest free loan product.


Members can borrow up to three times their shareholding on an interest free basis.


Terms of repayment are linked to how long a member has been saving. For more information, please click here.




We have a number of interest bearing savings and investment accounts. These deposit products are insured under the Codi Scheme.


Notice Deposits                    GIG Investment Account

32 day account​


Fixed Deposits

6 months deposit

12 months deposit

24 months deposit

P2P Transactions



Related parties can go into peer-to-peer transactions. A P2P transaction creates a win-win situation for the borrower as well as the investor.


The borrower pays a lower interest rate than at a commercial bank and the investor receives a better return on investment at a lower risk.

Group Loans



GIG Co Op Bank members can also borrow as a group to facilitate unique transactions, like financing a franchise.

For more information, please click here.

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