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GIG Co Operative Bank Ltd is a service to members of the Generational Inheritance Group Institute.


The GIG Institute is an educational association, that focusses on financial literacy and life skills training from a multi-generational viewpoint.









The product offering by GIG Co Op Bank Ltd, specifically focusses on the outcomes envisaged by the GIG Institute: financial freedom.


Interest free loans and a number of alternative and conventional financial instruments are employed on this journey of financial freedom.










The mandate of the GIG Co Op Bank Ltd is to empower shareholders with products which facilitate their journey to financial freedom. The GIG Journey is a 4 step process of getting out of debt, building various income streams and leaving a generational inheritance.















"I was a gardener for 18 years, got retrenched and was forced to become an entrepreneur. Through my involvement with GIG, I learned how to get rid of unproductive debt. I also used the loan free loan system to buy a bakkie and expand my garden service. GIG also teaches members to develop multiple income streams. I started building a guest house which will add a future income stream to my family" P Chinji

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